Cold River, Wide River & Winds of the West

by Alec James

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Cold River, Wide River and Winds of the West will appear on an upcoming album, Carried by Cold Water, out by fall.
Produced by Willie Scoggins out of Austin, TX.
Cover Art by Tatiana Thomas.


released July 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Alec James Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Cold River, Wide River
The river's cold and the river's wide,
And we were not prepared.
You heard my calls from the other side,
Hung in crystal air.
Though I know beyond this snow,
There is a Spring,
And though I know the winds will blow,
Beneath your wing,
And carry you away.

The snow came late but the snow came hard,
And the whole town's off-guard.
April was just the image on,
Generic greeting cards.
Though I know the night will slow,
I can't find my strength.
And though I know the sun will show,
I can't face my pain.

I'm standing at the banks,
Ready to jump I think,
But I carry so much weight that I know for sure I'd sink,
Without you to carry me.
Track Name: Winds of the West
If you're still there,
Why do I still feel alone?
In my rear-view mirror,
I watch my eyes turn to stone.

Dirty headlights pave the road I go,
My exhaust pipe breathes a heavy load.

And I can't sleep,
Yeah there are some things only bloodshot eyes can see,
I left the Midwest,
For a moment,
I was free.

Drove right through my hometown,
Inhaled 100,000 walking rainclouds.
You'll hear from me when I feel like being tied down,
The winds of the West are calling me.

The winds of the West are calling me.
Track Name: Down in the Valley
Down in the valley,
Valley so low,
Hang your head over,
Hear the winds blow.

If you don't love me,
Then love whom you please,
But throw your arms around me,
Just to give my heart ease.

Build me a castle,
40 feet high,
So I can see her,
As she rides by.

Send me a letter,
Send it by mail,
Send it in care to,
The Birmingham jail.

The Birmingham jail, love,
The Birmingham jail,
Send it in care to,
The Birmingham Jail.
Track Name: Good-by Old Paint
My foot is in the stirrup,
My pony won't stand,
Goodbye Old Paint,
I'm leaving Cheyenne.

Old Paint's a good pony,
He paces when he can,
Goodbye Old Paint,
I'm leaving Cheyenne.

He feeds in the morning,
He waters in the draw,
His tail is all matted,
His back is all raw.
Goodbye Old Paint,
I'm leaving Cheyenne.
Goodbye Old Paint,
I'm off to Montan'.

When I die take my saddle from the wall,
Put it on my pony,
Lead him out of the stall,
Tie my bones to his back,
Turn our face to the West,
And we'll ride the prairie that we love the best.
Track Name: Fare Thee Well
If I had wings like Noah's dove,
I'd fly the river to the one I love,
Fare Thee Well, my darling,
Fare Thee Well.

Late one night it was pouring rain,
In my heart was an aching pain.
Fare Thee Well, my darling,
Fare Thee Well.

The next morn,
No it wasn't long,
I called your name but you were gone.
Fare Thee Well, my darling,
Fare Thee Well.

Now the river is muddy and wild,
Can't get it bloody for my unborn child.
Fare Thee Well, my darling,
Fare Thee Well.

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